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DIY Kit With Cream Glue Phone Case

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Can you imagine two different things coming together to create a new world? Aka "DIY Cream Glue" and "Mini Charm", when you receive your material, you can do it yourself just like your pictures, but we encourage you to come up with your own cute creations! If you don't know how to squeeze cream, don't worry, I'll teach you with a video or TikTok live stream.

The information pack includes:
Cartoon Glamour Film and Food Glamour Film (10 pieces)
Two cartoon dolls
1 DIY tape
1 DIY tweezers
1 DIY phone case
2 pieces imitation cream glue
1 bag of decorative materials
2 Cream garnish
1 mobile phone chain pendant
1 piece squeegee for cream glue tool
It takes 7-10 days to dry the butterscotch glue.
Don't touch it before you dry it
Let them dry in an airy place

Please note: Note your phone model at checkout

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